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REI AMI by Samantha Long

REI AMI is an award winning music video by Samantha Long. Played by singer, real-life boyfriend and the song’s own producer, Christian Blue, ‘REI AMI’ sees the dominating escape and newfound freedom of REI, played by the artist of the record, REI AMI. From helicopter pads to closed down strip clubs, REI’s freedom to terrorize her suppressor feels like a dream come true, but is it really? 24 year old choreographer, viral creator and professional dancer Samantha Long hones all of her talents into one for a fiercely raw and cinematic and self-produced directorial debut in 'REI AMI'; the South Korean born alt-pop star's self-titled single from her praised debut mixtape, FOIL, and follow up to critically acclaimed viral single, 'DICTATOR’.

This marks the first music video directed by long-time collaborator and Creative Director of the artist, Samantha Long. While the two have worked together for years now from the beginning of REI’s career to now her first tour with Tinashe and 88 Rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival, this video is a testament to the art in believing in each other as artists from the beginning, and growing together along the way.

Samantha Long is a 24 year old new-media leader; an esteemed stadium-level choreographer, viral creator, celebrity dancer & women’s rights advocate producing millions of followers and billions of views across her social platforms. While recently serving as the Host and Co-Producer of Lil Wayne's UPROAR Festival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this summer, Samantha is above all most proud to be a voice of female equity and creative liberty across all verticals of entertainment. Samantha produced one of Instagram's most watched Reels across the entire app globally this last year with her #SamanthaLongChallenge - an accomplishment off the heels of a stadium world tour as J Balvin's Global Dance Captain the year prior. Samantha's wide range of credits span from Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson to Paul McCartney and Cheat Codes. Samantha currently serves as the Creative Director for South Korean born alt-pop star REI AMI while currently leading the evolution of her North Hollywood dance studio, 'A THREAT', into an all-female ran media & production company.

Director Statement: From when I started dancing at age 5, I never fully realized until now that what I was doing all this time was getting closer to a deeper, more innate purpose in visual story telling. I now know my purpose is Directing and giving platform to incredible female talent, utilizing every skill I have picked up along the way as a choreographer, creator, and woman entrepreneur to do it. With everything I have done thus far in my entertainment career, I gave every bit of it to this video. I am proud to have dove head first into an entirely new world of music video production and directing that has rewarded me more creatively than I ever could have dreamed of. This video was fun, challenging, important and empowering. I am proud to have led every element of this video with a vision authentic to an artist that I both love and am a fan of. My message to other aspiring first-time female directors like me looking to make the jump is this - nobody told me I could do this, but I told me that I could do this. Be a threat to everything that is holding you back. From REI AMI's first-ever song to her first-ever tour, it's been incredible to watch her grow as an artist and be an integral part of her development over the past two years. As her Creative Director, we just bring out the best in each other - both creatively and personally. I'm so grateful for her trusting in me to make my official music video directorial debut for 'REI AMI'. All I can say is watch out for what's to come of our future together; we're just scratching the surface!


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