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ONCE A HOMECOMING QUEEN is a screenplay about Francine Freeman, a seventy-five-year-old alcoholic, who in the last two years twice fell down the stairs in her home and lived another day. Recovery takes Francine in an unexpected new direction and offers her a chance at redemption.

Joan Moran is an author, motivational speaker, and an expert on health and wellness. She teaches management, employees and business leaders how to think creatively, implement innovative ideas, adapt to change, achieve work life balance and live a life of optimum wellness. Joan has developed the idea of stretching the mind at any age into an art form. After a career that combined 25 years of theater experience, teaching, and performing, Joan founded and was the artistic director of Nevada’s first professional year-round theater. She transitioned to film studies and attended the American Film Institute where she became a screenwriter and producer for over fifteen years in Hollywood. In the intervening years, Joan became a yoga and meditation instructor and a drug and alcohol counselor. She is the author of her humorous and incisive memoir, 60, Sex & Tango: Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer, a compilation of her over 300 blogs, I’m The Boss of Me! Stay Sexy, Smart & Strong at Any Age, a noir work of fiction, Women Obsessed (turned into a screenplay), and her most recent novel, An Accidental Cuban, is being considered as a streaming series. Her new novel, The Homecoming Queen, will be published in the spring of 2022.

Writer Statement: One of the least subjects discussed among the elderly is addiction, either to alcohol or drugs. Most doctors do not want to treat with seniors who should withdraw, especially from alcohol since it is a medical procedure, but they send them home and determine that it is better for families to handle the situation. Once a Homecoming Queen is taking a different look at one woman's journey of recovery, a senior, a woman who is intelligent, funny and loving, who goes through detox and rehab, and experiences an unusual journey to the end of her life.

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