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KEEP OUT! Women Over 60 Only

There are 6 million single-person households in Korea. One third of them are over 60. Two thirds of them are women. The documentary begins with the question ‘Who will you live with after 60?’ Following Europe and the United States, developed countries in Asia are also experiencing an explosive increase in single-person households. The phenomenon is dominated by elderly women in their 60’s and older. With the rise of Asian women's rights, marriage is no longer the only answer to their life. Asia's rising divorce rate reflects this phenomenon. At the same time, women in Asia live an average of seven years longer than men due to the rapid increase in the life expectancy. They eventually end up being ‘lonely old people’ at the end of their lives amid the still fragile welfare system, whether married or not. In an era where humans live longer than ever, we observe women in their 60’s as explorers who are still venturing into unknown areas of life. The documentary features three women in their 60’s who became alone for their own reasons: single, widowed and divorced. They're looking for a way to live on their own. At the same time, they ponder if they will be able to live alone forever as they’re preparing for their old age. They want to find new alternatives to life. The documentary recorded a month-long ‘Together, Living Alone’ share house experience of three people who come from different places and lifestyles. They become close as they open up to each other about depression and fear that comes with being alone. As they briefly share their lives together, inevitable problems arise. Let us take one step further from the question of ‘Who am I going to live with?’ and try to find the answer to another question, ‘How am I going to live?’ The film is directed by Seungju Lee.


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