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Julia Linger talks about her first script

My Dad F*cks follows the story of a widower navigating the dating scene through the lens of his daughter and children, while they find their own way in the dating scene.

Julia Linger is a bi-coastal Argentinian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and singer who wants to change the world through humor, storytelling, and petting every rescue pug she sees. She aims to bridge the gap between activism and art with every story told.

What draws you to writing scripts?

I view scripts as a portal into one's brain and the chance to share stories with the world that have not yet been shown or told.

When did you start writing?

This was actually my first script! What was the inspiration behind your latest script?

My dad, who has been my #1 supporter and fan since day one. Tell us about the research and the process of writing the script.

This script is a lived experience documented. What would you like to achieve through the script as a writer? Do you plan to turn this into a film anytime soon?

I wanted to show the world you can have both happiness & grief co-exist. Life is not black and white, so why should our stories be? I would love to get this script produced as a series. What is your next film project? I am currently co-writing a feature and am super excited for that to come out!

Instagram: @julia_linger


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