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"I don't have my home anymore..."

"I don't have my home anymore" is a feature documentary film project dedicated to the stories of 15 Ukrainian women who were forced to leave their homes due to the full-scale war in Ukraine. They found protection and support in the United States. These are 15 women's voices narrating their stories intertwined with pain and loss. The "I Don't Have My Home Anymore" project acts as a stark reminder of the persistent hardships endured by Ukrainian women and children due to the ongoing war. It serves as a direct call to action, urging everyone to find tangible ways to aid Ukraine and amplify awareness about the enduring devastation. The film was nominated in the seasonal competition of LA Independent Women Film Awards.

The feature documentary is an emotionally powerful presentation, featuring women's interviews, where they share their personal stories. The feature documentary is directed by

Katrine Moite and Victoria Makarevich.

Katrine Moite is a Ukrainian photographer currently based in New York. Her work focuses on capturing the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood at her studio in Manhattan. Katrine became the ideologist and director of this documentary project about Ukrainian refugee women with her co-director, Victoria Makarevich. Together, they unveiled the powerful narratives of Ukrainian women who found shelter and safety in the United States in the midst of war in their homeland.

Click and watch the film:


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