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First We Bombed New Mexico

This is the untold story of Trinity, the world’s first nuclear bomb detonated in New Mexico one month before Hiroshima. Following the blast, deaths of babies in New Mexico spiked considerably, but the authorities covered this up.

Over the following 77 years, thousands of New Mexican residents have died from cancers that many tie to Trinity.Told through the lens of the formidable Tina Cordova, we follow her as she galvanizes a grassroots movement of Hispanic Downwinders and Native uranium miners uncovering on her journey incriminating evidence. Tina challenges the US government’s narrative, it’s legacy of environmental racism and lies. Time is of the essence, only two years are left to persuade Congress to expand legislation that will give desperately needed reparations to New Mexicans. After that the law sunsets and any opportunity for justice is lost.

Lois Lipman is an Emmy award-winning career documentary filmmaker who field produced 24 stories around the world for CBS News “60 Minutes”. Her expose “Til Death Do Us Part – Dowry Deaths in India” was awarded Best Documentary by American Women in Film and Television and led to system changes in India, her film about BBC Radio won an Emmy. Lois field produced a Peabody Award winning film about Arthur Mitchell and Dance Theatre Harlem for “60 Minutes” in Spain and in NYC. While based in London, Lois field produced hour-long documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4- UK and PBS in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, Gaza, Israel, India, the Dominican Republic and countries in between.

Earning her MFA with a fellowship from American University in DC, Lois won her Department’s Capstone Award for Best Film. The film also won a Best Student Documentary Peer Award, a CINE Golden Eagle and was broadcast on PBS. Lois attended NYU’s intensive summer film production program. She received her BA from University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and taught at Universities of Maryland and Toledo.


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