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A Thorn

When Rose invites her best friend Angie (12), to break in to the house of her mother’s boyfriend Steve, all she hopes to find is some money to help Angie not to be evicted from her home. Unfortunately things do not turn out that simple and the girls lives are changed forever. “A Thorn” shows us how easily a seemingly simple idea can get out of hand and turn into a devastating situation. It also demonstrates the strength of a teenage “best friends” relationship.

Director Biography - Eha Urbsalu I am from Estonia and visual storytelling has been my interest since childhood, as my mother was a costume designer in Estonian film studio “Tallinfilm” during the Soviet Union. I have been an actress from early age. In recent years, however, I have moved more to the other side of the camera, writing, producing and directing. I received my B.A in Arts in Film and Media Arts, from SUNY in New York, having taken half the courses online while traveling the world. I had previously attended Hunter College for Music and American Academy of Dramatic Arts for Acting.


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