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What we need to know about Y si Adelita..

During the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, Adela, a humble girl, must hide so that the revolutionaries do not find her. However, she witnesses the rape against Isabel, her mother. Adela manages to rescue a knife that the rebels forgot, and hands it over to Isabel for revenge. This is how Isabel murders one of the rapists, but not before warning Adela to escape from her. The next morning, Adela comes out of her hiding place, taking the knife, a weapon with which she and her mother brought justice. Adela frees her dog in the field, and sets out on a lonely path into the unknown.

María de la Luz Jaimes Miranda, the director of Y si Adelita..., is nominated in the best female directing category of the LA Independent Women Film Awards. She is also a storyteller and a script doctor with experience in radio, television and cinema. She has been published in twelve anthologies, together with authors such as Octavio Paz. Her short film "Mariquita Quita" was screened in various international film festivals around the world.

With almost fifteen years of experience teaching scripts at universities such as Anáhuac, UAM and SAE Institute, she is one of the five directors of the soon-to-be-released web documentary “Tierra Migrante” and the director of the multi-platform narrative “Diario de una Pandemia.” She has been recognized for her scripts with awards such as: Matilde Landeta (for female screenwriters), and the National Screenplay Award at the Guanajuato Festival and Acapulco Film Festival.

She also teaches workshops, mentorships and conferences on Transmedia Narratives and Screenwriting. She has a degree in Social Communication and a Master's in Education, with diplomas in Cinema and Literary Creation. She is currently preparing her feature film "Y si Adelita...", which narrates the role of women in the Mexican Revolution.


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