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Alicia & Jerome Season II

Alicia & Jerome is a dramatic-comedic web series centered on the unique friendship between two business partners - Alicia & Jerome. Alicia is a black, first-generation American woman who does not like her corporate job. She is a bit of a pushover and doesn’t know who she is or where she should be in life. This has her in a constant state of anxiety as she tries to find a solid footing in her adult years. Jerome notices this and is the first person in her life (outside of her parents and therapist) to genuinely help her with finding her way. The two eventually ditch their corporate gig and open a small marketing & advertising firm together. It was a wonderful experience until she has her first experience with cyber-bullying. This is a series about self-image, love, and boundaries.

Diana Atai is a Ugandan American writer and actress based in Los Angeles, CA. She was raised in St. Louis, Missouri where she attended St. Louis University for her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Magna cum Laude. Diana also attended Webster University for her master’s degree in media communications. She has since been living in Los Angeles.

Previous training as an actress includes scene study, character breakdown, improvisation, cold reading, voice, breath work, and audition techniques. Diana’s overall goal is to continue to grow as a professional writer, actor, producer, and performer internationally.

Recently seen on The Rookie & Sitting in Bars with Cake.

Watch Alicia & Jerome Season II:


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