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Gaia is a narrative short and a student film, directed by Ashley Moore. The project is a nominee of LA Independent Women Film Awards.

Gaia, a stay-at-home mom, is ready to pursue a better life for her and her son, but her controlling husband stands in the way. When Gaia falls ill to a climate induced disease and her husband continues to demand more of her, she is faced with a difficult decision: save herself or her family.

Ashley Moore is a young and upcoming filmmaker. She believes in the power of film to inspire others and tell unique, meaningful stories. "Gaia" is her directorial debut film, and she couldn't be prouder of the cast and crew for creating such a powerful film.

At the heart of this film is a story about climate change and the harmful effects our everyday actions have. Gaia's story begs the question: how will we help combat the disease of climate change?

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