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The Other Side of Fair

After Jenae is recruited by a top ad agency and soon after chosen to take the lead on a new project, she is met with entitlement and jealousy by Kensley, her new colleague. Under the assumption that Jenae is just another diversity hire, Kensley insinuates that she doesn't deserve the opportunity. Thereafter, kicking off a series of strange and unexpected events when they wake up one morning in each other's bodies. Leading Jenae to experience the finer things in life while Kensley has a rude awakening. This ultimately gives them both an up-close experience on the other side of fair.

Dani Coleman is an award-winning actress, writer, and independent filmmaker who’s dedicated to telling authentic and relatable stories that give a glimpse into real life situations from a unique perspective. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Dani has always been influenced by Black culture and fast paced lifestyles which, coupled with studying and living in places like Tallahassee, Florida, Los Angeles, California, And Atlanta, Georgia helped to cultivate her passion for human connection through the art of storytelling.

She is known for crafting character-driven narratives that effortlessly blend elements of heartache, humor, and controversy all while naturally amplifying the voices of marginalized groups, especially Black Women.

Since beginning her journey as a filmmaker in 2019, Dani has written, produced, and directed 4 short films, 2 web series, and most recently her first feature “The Other Side of Fair”. Some of her most notable projects include Finding Sunshine, Outsourced, and They Love It Here.

As an actress, Dani has been seen on networks such as Bet, Amazon Prime, Tubi, and ApireTv.

Click to watch "The other side of fair":


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