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Sound of the Shadow

The animated short talks about the real pandemic experienced in Spain since 2020. The whole world is suffering from an economic crisis, but also a health crisis in the field of mental health. Sound Of Th Shadow is the reflection of pain, anger, frustration, the blood of thousands of people who suffer mentally and many commit suicide and people who suffer from mental disorders.

Gairah Praskovia was born in the 1995, in Ferrol, Spain. Passionate about art since she was a child, she studied Illustration and went to live to Japan and be nourished by its culture, something very appreciable in her work. She later returned to Spain to continue her career as an illustrator. Her work navigates between the erotic and the grotesque with a bit of sweetness. Since 2015 she began her first collective exhibitions until, finally, she was able to exhibit alone a few months later and so on until today, little by little she has been uniting her work as an illustrator with that of a 2D animator to give life to her works. In addition to being an Illustrator, she also works as a performer and plays the theremin, of whose musical pieces she makes her own video clips with 2D animations.


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