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Annual Women's Lens Screening

The latest Annual Women's Lens Screening promoted and screened films digitally and through the live event screening at the iconic Fine Arts Theatre of Beverly Hills. The finalists were screened at the cinema and the festival brought together international and American films directed by women from all the world. It is the mission of the festival to continue promoting and screening films both online and in cinema for women directors who have dedicated their life to the language of cinema and independent filmmaking. 

LA Independent Women Film Awards is an outstanding popular event which has devoted itself to the language of cinema and featuring female artists working in media from all over the world. The festival screening at the Fine Arts Theatre was a very successful event for film lovers and artists from LA who are passionate about festivals devoted to indie filmmaking in LA. It is important for the festival to continue their task when it comes to the promotion and screening of women in films and media. 

The festival committee also offers film marketing to female directors. The Women's Lens Screening of LA Independent Women Film Awards happens every year at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills while the seasonal fest will also continue promoting and screening films. 


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