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Mind over Matter

"Mind over Matter" film project happens In a world where everyone relies on a microchip to give them the skills for their career. Clarence's family goes to extreme lengths to be able to afford one.

Anysia Deák, a 21-year-old filmmaker from San Diego, CA, has directed "Mind over Matter". Anysia is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a BA in Film & Digital Media, concentrating in film production, and a second BA in Legal Studies. Her short film was recently an official selection of the LA Independent Women Film Awards.

She was inspired to make Mind Over Matter by witnessing the disparities caused by the higher education system in the United States. Through a not-too-distant futuristic world, I wanted to reflect on current issues American society faces with the class system and restricted access to resources.

Anysia loves working on various projects and watching her ideas come to life on the big screen as a film. She is primarily focused on directing and editing but, due to small crew sizes, she often play a role in every aspect of her indie films. Anysia is passionate about creating opportunities for women and underrepresented students to learn about the film and television industries directly from professionals in media. She also founded a film networking club at UCSC with this goal in mind.

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