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Le Déjeuner

Even with passion in their relationship, a couple is torn apart by their impossibility to have babies. The harmony of a family dinner is broken as the topic unexpectedly arises and lingers.

Director Biography - Sweta Tagliabue Born in India, raised in Italy and living in Spain. Sweta has written several short films, three of which got made and one of which, "Crêpes", is currently circulating in the festival circuit, having received a nomination for best trailer, for best 1st-time director (herself) and best leading actress and having won as best screenplay, best short film and soundtrack.

Her writing portfolio also includes two polished feature film screenplays, two feature film treatments, several articles about screenwriting and film making and academic writing (for which she was invited to present at the Screenwriting Research Network 2018) and an essay about the "Star Wars" saga ("In una galassia non molto lontana", trans. "In a galaxy not so far away"), which she got published at the age of 18 in Italy.


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