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Fall Season Winners of LA Independent Women Film Awards

The LA Independent Women Film Awards is a seasonal competition with an annual screening event which takes place every year in January in Beverly Hills. The seasonal competition offers online promotion and screening through LA Independent Women for the winners and nominees of the season while the finalists of the year are screened further through Fine Arts Theater and LA independent Women in January. The festival brings together talented filmmakers and women in media from all over the world and aims to discover the most talented female voices in cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of the competition.

Best Narrative Feature

The Goat

Director: Ilaria Borelli

Best Female Director

Director: Charlotte Schiøler

Best Narrative Short

Director: Cindy Lee

Best Feature Film Actress

Shang Gao

Best Short Film Actress

Kerri Lynn Miller

Best Producer

Laura Angiulli

Best Cinematographer

Idil Eryurekli

Best Editor

Spenser Reich


Best Composer

Yantra de Vilder

Back To The Garden

Best Documentary Feature

Directors: Aine Clarke, Michel Van der Veken

Best Documentary Short

The Miami Kids and The Maya

Director: Victoria Alonso Noujaim

Best Animation

Director: Candy Guard

Best Student Animation

Director: Zilai Feng

Honorable Mention Animation


Director: Amelie Magdalena Loy

Honorable Mention Student Film

Director: Francesca Scorsese

Best Experimental


Director: Yun Yan Zeng

Best Student Film

Director: Bella Catherine Pianko

Best L.A. Filmmaker

Rose Beth Johnson-Brown


Best International Filmmaker

Cherry Juice

Director: Mersiha Husagic

Best Science Fiction


Director: Kelli Elizabeth Horan

Best Series-Web-Pilot

Unravelling Anxiety

Director: Charlotte Wanhill


The Lonely Cougar and The Heartbroken Stud

Director: Jana Bringlöv Ekspong

Best First-Time Filmmaker


Best Comedy of the season


Directors: Jody Mortara, Joe Gawalis

Best Music Video

The Little Drummer Boy | Hope and a Future

Director: Nora Fong

Best Horror

All Your Women Things

Director: Madison Bloom

Best Unproduced Script

The Match

Writer: Crystal Rivers

Best Produced Script

Midnight Girl

Writer: Kerri Randles

Best Thriller

The Dinner Game

Director: Lauren Boone

Best Human Rights


Director: Mildred Yaneth Tejada

Best Youth Artist

Uma Sencindiver Forsby


Best Youth Actress

Liyabona Magazi

The Last Ranger


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